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Please view our three newest videos on YouTube on the Tatra Press channel,TatraPress Media Lost Lustre the Book: Josh Karlen’s look at the New York punk music scene, circa 1070s My Cancer Year: Curtis Pesmen’s survivorship memoir Rain Forest Wisdom: Andrew Y. Grant’s fascinating look at gorilla behavior as it compares to human behavior

Author Andrew Y. Grant is scheduled to appear pre and post New Years spot on Frankie Boyer’s radio show on the Lifestyle Talk Radio Network to promote his new book, Rain Forest Wisdom.  His  first appearance will be this Monday, December 23 at 9am.  Be sure to tune in!

Curtis Pessmen, author of My Cancer Year: A Survivorship Memoir, has appeared on Doctor Radio, on two SiriusXM radio programs, hosted by the NYU Langone Medical Center: the Oncology Show, and the Rehab Medicine Show. if you’d like to listen to the audio from these interviews, go to www.SiriusXM.com/OnDemand, and sign up for the free trial. Then you Read More

With renewed interest in man’s primal antecedents, Rain Forest Wisdom offers a wealth of examples of the gorilla’s behavior and what that tells us about being human–from low-fat, high protein diet, to caring for the young to group dynamics and even leadership. Enter to win a free copy in our GoodReads Giveaway. http://alturl.com/kuesz

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